Sofia "Rage" Bently

Black Dragonborn Pirate. Age 19, hight 6ft, 220 pounds eye colour wall eyed one blue and green eye.


Hp 14, Ac 15 (2) Dext 12 (2) Con 11(0) Int 11(0) Wis 11(0) Char 11(0)
Weapons Longsword(1D8 slashing), Rapier(1D8 piercing), longbow(1D8 piercing), two handing axes(1D6 20/60 ft slashing), acidy breath 5 by 30ft


The tragic backstory of sofia
My hometown was Swifthold were my father Troikas was a merchant who was tragic killed by bandits while guarding a caravan. My Mother(Akira) a newly widow and mother of young two year old daughter could not cope and abandon me to her bitch of sister Liloriel and disappeared to never be seen again. For three very long years lived under my aunty roof be tormented by her until a young age five she kicked me out onto the street. For a full year ran with street kids stealing to survive until till a friendly ship merchant by the name Steve O’ Malley took me under his wing taught me everything know about fighting and sailing ships and later becoming a pirate. We started off as law biding merchants but soon fell on hard time and we turn becoming pirates to make a living. For thirteen years i work on the ship Mourning star until fateful day when poor old Steve O’ Malley was killed in a mutiny from some of the crew members who wanted more cut of booty. I was knocked out and set a differt in lifeboat where i was up on shore of Velothain swear revenge against crew members who killed Steve O’ Malley.

Sofia "Rage" Bently

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